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This website offers the best way for students and student organizations to connect. Click the sections below to learn more.

About this Site

Benefits for Students:

Everyone knows that student organizations can provide tremendous academic, professional, and personal benefits. The challenge is to find the ones that are right for you. Neither club fairs, nor current websites, nor word-of-mouth will provide you all the information you want about the full range of opportunities.

This new website offers the best way to find the most rewarding organizations at your school and lets you see what other students are involved in.

It also lets you explore more than 400 national student organizations, many of which are not yet at your college and might be interested in you starting a chapter. That can be a great way to develop and demonstrate your leadership skills.

Learn more in the Intro for College Students.

Benefits for Student Organizations:

This site also helps organizations present themselves, raise awareness, recruit, engage members, and connect with like-minded organizations nationwide. Learn more in the Intro for Student Organizations.

Your Favorites Page:

Your free Favorites Page lets you show all the organizations that interest you, as well as helping them raise awareness and recruit new members. Create yours now, and encourage your classmates to do the same.

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See the links at the bottom of this page for an illustrated overview and for introductions for each type of user.

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Finding Student Organizations at Your School, Their Members and Events

Click the "Organizations" button below to find organizations, which you can filter by type or by the cause they support.

We just launched and are now busy adding organizations. Help your classmates connect with great opportunities by spreading the word.


Here are the students from your school who have already joined the site and created a page to share and promote their favorite organizations. Join them here.

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