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Student Organizations and Students Do Not Connect as Readily as They Might

Student organizations enrich student life in countless ways. However, it is difficult for orgs and students to connect.


The Problem for Students:

It not easy for students to find the organizations that might be of interest.

    • College Club Fairs: Most students do not attend college club fairs, and their infrequent occurence (typically only once per semester) does not serve students who want to investigate activities at other times. Even for those students who do attend, there is certainly not enough time to explore hundreds of opportunities, much less to learn all that they would like to know.
    • Websites: Colleges typically list student organizations on their websites, but those pages do not provide a full picture of the organizations' focus, members, activities, etc.
    • Friends: There is no easy way for a student to know what organizations their friends belong to, so peer-to-peer sharing is undermined.
    • National Organizations: None of the 400 or so national student organizations have a chapter at every college, but there is no easy way for students to find the national orgs that are not at their school, so they do not learn of opportunities to take a leadership role and start a local chapter.
    • Events: There is no easy way for students to find all of the student organization events that are occuring and that they might want to attend.


The Problem for Student Organizations:

The situation is also difficult for student organizations. They could have many more members, but most students do not know what organizations do or even what exists, much less who is involved, and the details of their events.


Our Mission

We created to:

    • help students explore all of the opportunities so they can get the most out of their college years
    • help student organizations raise awareness, recruit more members, better engage with them and with the community, and earn recognition for all they do

We Make it Easy

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How You Can Help Students and Student Organizations at Your School Now

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