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A New Opportunity for Academic Departments

We originally conceived of this website to make it easy and rewarding for college students (including incoming transfer students and freshmen) and student organizations to connect. We want to:

    • help students explore all of the opportunities so they can have the best possible college life
    • help student organizations raise awareness, recruit more members, better engage with them and with the community, and earn recognition for all they do

As we previewed our planning for the site with thousands of students, many have asked us to invite academic departments, as well. They explained that although college websites have pages for each department, those pages do not capture the departments' personality, social aspects, and events. Further, when students are looking at activities offered by student organizations, it would be helpful for them to see department activities in the same place.


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If you are an authorized representative of your department, please use the form below to register. (If not, please ask the right person to do it).

Please Do This, as Well, to Help Students

Please help us help students by sharing this site with students and student organizations, including--but not limited to--ones that are associated with your department.