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How Student Organizations Can Help You Attract More Qualified Applicants


Meager Information about Student Life

High school students and potential transfer students want to know about more than academics at the colleges they are considering; they want to know about student life.

It is therefore surprising that most colleges provide scant information about student organizations, which can contribute so much to students' academic, professional, social, civic, leadership, and creative development. Although schools typically have web pages listing student organizations, they do a very poor job of presenting oportunities and an even worse job of making them sound appealing.


The Importance of Presenting Student Organizations in an Informative and Appealing Way

Raising awareness of your college's student organizations is critical for attracting more qualified applicants. By highlighting the unique and diverse range of opportunities, you can:

    • differentiate yourself from other colleges
    • demonstrate the range of opportunities that your college offers that align with their interests, values, and passions
    • attract the sort of highly motivated, engaged, and committed applicants who are passionate about making a difference and making a positive impact in their communities
    • attract more qualified applicants who are looking for ways to enhance their leadership skills and achieve their career goals
    • improve student satisfaction and retention rates.

Our Mission

We created to:

    • help students discover all of the opportunities so they can get the most out of their college years
    • help student organizations raise awareness, recruit more members, better engage with them and with the community, and earn recognition for all they do
    • help Amissions Offices attract more top applicants

See These Sample Pages

    • Local student organizations can get a basic free page like this or a content-rich page like this for a modest fee (of which 20% goes to support the charitable cause of their choice).
    • Academic departments will appear on free pages like this.
    • Students can get a free page like this to improve their online reputation, show their favorite organizations, and encourage students to join them, while also helping colleges attract applicants.  
    • College pageslike this will make it easy for anyone to find participating organizations, students, departments, and events.

What You Can Do to Help Students and Attract Applicants

We just recently launched, and it will take time for us to add all of the half-million or so student organizations in the country. You will help your school's students and organizations, as well as your own recruiting efforts, when you:

    • let student organizations know that they can get exposure and recognition, at the same time they attract new members
    • let students know they can use the site and get a Favorites page like this, all for free
    • let academic department know that they can get a free page, as well
    • let the college communication office know that they can enhance the college page, such as this one.

We have sample language and graphics, which you can use to spread the word to all those groups.

If you can please help us get the word out, we would also be glad to add to the college page a section to encourage applications. Please see more here.

Questions or Suggestions?

We would love to hear from you. Please see the contact page.