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Consider Student Organizations When You Research Colleges

Choosing your favorite colleges is an exciting experience. It can also be daunting.


While colleges and countless websites have lots of information about academics, there is not much info on the student organizations that will play such a huge role in your college experience.


What organizations does the college have, what is their focus, what do they do, who are the members, how will it help you, etc.? See the discussion below of the many ways that student organizations can enrich your college experience.


For instance, see this partial screen grab from a college that has 15,000 students and 139 organizations. They do not have any information at all on the orgs, and those names do not even link to another page. So how can you know what life would be like if you were to attend that college?

Not very informative, is it?

About This Site

 We created to help you explore all of the opportunities to get involved with student organizations.

As a high school student, you can explore opportunities, which will help you choose the schools that will offer you the best possible college life. You can also share your favorites with friends and see what they have found.

Once you are enrolled incollege, you can also use the site to show your activities, see what classmates are involved in, help the organizations recruit interested students, connect with like-minded students at your college and nationwide, and improve your online repuation.  


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Reasons to Join Student Organizations

College student organizations offer countless benefits. They provide opportunities for personal and professional development, social engagement, relaxation, and community involvement.


    • Enhance Your Resume and Your Prospects When You Apply for Anything

Your participation in student organizations will let you demonstrate your leadership skills, initiative, teamwork abilities, commitment, and dedication to your interests. All of that will greatly improve your resume and your chances when you apply for scholarships, internships, jobs, and graduate school.


    • Jump-Start Your Career

Meet older students and professionals who will provide guidance. Take part in professional development programs, training sessions, and guest speaker events.. This will help you develop important skills and gain valuable insights into your field of study or career path.


    • Develop and Demonstrate Your Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are important in every academic and professional realm. Develop yours through your participation in student organizations.  


    • Build Your Network

Meet and make friends with students--and with professionals in your field through guest speakers, industry events, etc.--who share your passions and interests. Your network will be very helpful whenevery you are looking for internships and jobs.


    • Develop Social Skills

Participation in student organizations also helps you develop your social skills as you interact with other students.  


    • Have Fun

Yes, college is sometimes stressful. Taking an active role in student organizations will provide you with a sense of community and fun activities, which can make college more fulfilling and enjoyable. Meeting new people and making friends on campus will certainly increase your sense of belonging and social engagement.


    • Make a Difference  

Many student organizations are dedicated to various charitable causes and to making an impact, as members volunteer, do community service, raise awareness, and fundraise. That can help you fulfill your goal of making a difference. Not only is this very rewarding, but it also enhances your applications for jobs and internships.


    • Explore Something New

Make the most of college. Student organizations are are great way to explore new interests, gain exposure to different perspectives and cultures, broaden your horizons, and continue to grow.