Info for National Student Organizations

Perhaps the Greatest Challenge for Your Student Organization

You have a great student organization, chapters around the country, wonderful activities, and are improving the lives of your student members. Congratulations!


Here is the unmet opportunity: you could have many more chapters and members, but most students do not know what you do. Some might not even know that you exist.


Students at colleges where you do not have chapters have no good way to discover your activities and decide to start one.


Students at colleges where you do have chapters report that it is not easy to find the organizations that might be of interest:

    • Club fairs do not give them enough time to explore hundreds of opportunities, much less to learn all that they would like to know (the organizations' focus, members, activities, etc.).
    • Colleges typically list student organizations on their websites, but those are inadequate and not enticing. For instance, see this partial screen grab from a college that has 15,000 students. There is no information at all on the orgs, and those names do not even link to another page. This is hardly effective for awareness and recruiting.

Our Mission

We created to:

    • help students explore all of the opportunities so they can have the best possible college life
    • help student organizations raise awareness, recruit more members, better engage with them and with the community, and earn recognition for all they do

We Make it Easy

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    • We started with placeholder pages for about 300 national student organizations. They can use the registration page below to sign up for an enhanced listing at no cost.