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Reasons to Join Student Organizations

Please see our discussion below of the countless reasons to join student organizations, and let us know if we missed anything.


The Difficulty

It is nearly impossible to find the organizations that are the best fit for you.

    • College club fairs certainly do not give you enough time to explore hundreds of opportunities at your school, much less to learn all that you would like to know (their focus, members, activities, etc.)
    • Colleges websites typically list student organizations, but they do not provide the information you need.
    • There is no way to find the more than 400 national student organizations that may not yet have a presence at your school and for which you might want to start a chapter so as to develop and demonstrate your leadership skills.
  • The Solution

We created to help you explore all of the opportunities so that you can have the best possible college life, share your favorites, see what classmates are involved in, help the organizations recruit interested students, and connect with like-minded students at your college and nationwide.  

We Make it Easy

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    • Use the filters on the left of your college page to filter by type of organization.  
    • We just recently launched, and it will take time for us to add all of the half-million or so student organizations in the country. If you do not see your favorites, please use this form to let us know, and we will add it. Also, please share this opportunity with student organizations so they can join.
    • Join the site (for free), and go to Your Favorites. You will see how your free Favorites page will let you share all of your favorite organizations with friends and classmates, while also helping those orgs raise awareness and recruit new members. You can also explore other's Favorites pages to see what they are involved in.
    • Please share this site with other students.

Reasons to Join Student Organizations

Your participation in college student organizations offers numerous benefits. It provides opportunities for personal and professional development, social engagement, relaxation, and community involvement. It also enhances your prospects when you apply for scholarships, internships, jobs, and graduate school.


    • Enhance Your Resume and Your Prospects When You Apply for Anything

Participation in student organizations lets you demonstrate your leadership skills, teamwork abilities, initiative, commitment, and passion for your interests. This can greatly improve your resume and your chances when you apply for scholarships, internships, jobs, and graduate school.


    • Jump-Start Your Career

Gain hands-on experience in your field of study or interests. Receive mentorship and guidance from older students or professionals, participate in professional development, training sessions, and guest speaker events, all of which help you develop important skills and gain valuable insights into your field of study or career path.


    • Develop and Demonstrate Your Leadership Skills

Learn how to–and show that you can–motivate and inspire others, delegate tasks, and make strategic decisions.


    • Build Your Network

Meet and make friends with people (both students and professionals in your field through guest speakers, industry events, etc.) who share your interests and passions. This network can be valuable for future job opportunities, internships, and networking.


    • Develop Social Skills

Develop your social skills, including time-management, and build self-confidence as you interact with other students.  


    • Have Fun

You know that college can be stressful. Your participation in student organizations provides a break from academic work and provides a sense of community, which can make college more enjoyable and fulfilling. It also lets you meet new people and make friends on campus, increasing your sense of belonging and social engagement.


    • Make a Difference  

Many student organizations are dedicated to making a positive impact. Your participation lets you make the world a better place. This can be tremendously rewarding, and it also enhances your applications for jobs and internships.


    • Explore Something New

Broaden your horizons. Explore new interests, gain exposure to different cultures and perspectives, and continue to grow.