Forest Club

University of Oregon

Causes We Support

  • Climate Change

    Climate Change

  • Environment


  • Agriculture



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We just launched this site and are now starting to invite everyone. You can help yourself and your fellow students when you use our communication assets (such as email text, web banners, flyers, and more) to help spread the word.




We are the largest and most active environmental group on campus. Please consider joining us. Guests are welcome at all of our events, which you can see on this page.


We were formed in 1970, the year of the first Earth Day, and we have been working to protect the environment ever since.


Social Media

Scroll on down to see our social media feeds, which feature members at our events, or see the logos that link from this page to our social media accounts.


Your Invitation

Please consider joining us. Guests are always welcome at all of our events, which you can see on this page.


What We Do



We have a wide range of interesting and rewarding activities, such as:

  • Weekly meetings
    • include presentations, films, networking, and socializing. Yes, we provide pizza and beverages.
    • 7pm every Tuesday in Anderson Hall, room 350.
  • Monthly lectures
    • by prominent guest speakers are followed by an opportunity to meet and speak with our visitor. This is also a great networking opportunity. Pizza? You bet!
    • 7pm the first Wednesday of every month in Anderson Hall, room 350. 
  • Community-service activities 
    • cleanup and planting projects in Herman Park or along the campus creek. We have already restored more than ten acres to a pristine condition, and we can do more with your help. We will provide sandwiches and beverages.
    •  9am the first Saturday of every month. We meet in the Anderson Hall parking lot. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes, boots, and gloves.
  • Tutoring 
    • available for all environmental classes.
    • by appointment. Come to any of our weekly meetings to arrange a schedule.
  • Career counseling 
    • for those interested in environmental professions.
    • for future environmental professionals is also by appointment. We will set that up for you when you come to any of our meetings.




How We Make a Difference


Favorite Charitable Causes

Our favorite charitable causes are Environment, Climate Change, and Agriculture.


Favorite Nonprofits

Our favorite nonprofits are Sierra Club, National Trust for Public Land, National Resource Defense Council, and Defenders of Wildlife.


Community Service and Volunteering

As an environmental club, our main activity is hands-on community service. We roll up our sleeves and do a combination of cleaning up, restoration, and planting natural areas. It is wonderful to be able to see our immediate impact. We also advocate for a greener campus with a recycling program, energy conservation, and water conservation measures.



We conduct several fundraisers each year to encourage donations to support the important work of National Resource Defense Council.




Current Members

We have 225 active members from 36 states and 17 countries. About 75% are undergraduates, half of whom are environmental majors. The other 25% are graduate students. Photos of our members will soon start appearing below.


Potential Members: You and Your Friends!

Membership is open to all students. Just come to any of our events, and introduce yourself. Not ready to join? Come to any event, and be our guest. If you have friends who might be interested, please direct them to this page, too.


Membership Fees

No fees here. We are entirely free to students.



  • President: Albert Gore, Environmental Science major, class of 2024
  • Vice President: John Muir, Environmental Engineering major, class of 2024
  • Treasurer: Carl Pope, Marine Biology major, class of 2024


Faculty Advisor

Our faculty advisor is Professor James Hansen in the Climate Science department.




Office Hours

We have an office at Room 350B of Anderson Hall. Come by between noon and 2pm on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.


Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch:

Come to Our Meetings

Feel free to come to our meetings, which are shown above in the 'What We Do' section.





Yes, we are a registered organization.

Social Media


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Causes We Support

  • Climate Change

    Climate Change

  • Environment


  • Agriculture


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Help Support Our Favorite Nonprofit


Please join us in supporting National Resources Defense Council and its important work.  

If you ever want to make a meaningful donation in a friend's name, this nonprofit website makes it easy and rewarding: You can choose exactly what you want to support, send personalized printed greeting cards to announce a donation made in a friend's name, create charitable wish lists and registries, and give charitable gift cards, which empower recipients to change the world in exactly the way they want. No wonder the New York Times called it, "an of the nonprofit world."

Thank you for your tremendous generosity. If you plan to pay with PayPal, please note that the limit for an order is $5000. If you will pay with a credit or debit card, the limit is whatever your card issuer allows.