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We just launched this site, and are now busy adding content. Make a difference for yourself and all your classmates by helping this grow.

About this Site

Participation in student organizations offers students tremendous academic, professional, and personal benefits.

This website offers the best way to connect students and organizations. Please see this illustrated overview of how it works and our intros for College Students, Student Organizations, Colleges, and High School Students.

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The Challenges We Address:

  • Students: It not easy for students to find the organizations that might enrich their college experience. Career fairs, current websites, and word-of-mouth are inadequate. Nor can they readily find the 400 or so national organizations for which they might start a chapter.
  • Student Organizations: It is difficult for organizations to reach and recruit all of the students who might be interested in joining. They also have no way to connect with like-minded organizations at other schools.

Finding Student Organizations at Your School

Use the tags on the left side of this page to filter by type of organization or by the cause they support. Click any organization to go to its page, learn more about it, see its members and others who are interested in it, and see its events.

Finding Students and Events at Your School

The three buttons below this introduction will take you to the school's three pages where you will see your school's Organizations, Participating Students, and Events.

Finding National Organizations

Starting a student organization is a powerful way to develop and demonstrate your leadership skills. Many of the 400 or so national student organizations do not yet have a chapter at your school. Perhaps you might start one. See them here.

Your Favorites Page

Your free Favorites page like this sample, lets you show all the organizations that interest you, help them raise awareness, and help them recruit. Create yours now.

Forestry Club of NYU

Yes, trees in Manhattan!

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